Happy New Year everyone!

My first puzzle completed in 2022 (that looks strange to type) 😊 was this beautiful Pomegranate puzzle by artist Rex Ray. It is untitled, simply known as Rex Ray.

Rex Ray Puzzle

It is in stock, by the way, and I recommend highly.

Pomegranate is known for its high-end artistic style images, and when I saw this one online, I had to have it. It’s only when I started working on the border that I realized this puzzle was panoramic in shape. The largest piece count that I do is 1000 piece, simply because of space constraints on my table. I never check the dimensions, because 1000-piece puzzles always fit on my puzzle board.

Had I looked at the box, I would have seen that these dimensions were 32x16 as opposed to the other Pomegranates that I completed – Purple Robes and Anemones was a portrait orientated image (vertical, if you prefer) and my adored Melody puzzle (in my top 10) was landscape (horizontal). These were both 20x25.


I loved this puzzle. The colors were amazing, the image was unusual, and it was challenging enough to keep me interested. When completed, however, I was a bit torn. I always keep my favorites to glue and hang. In this case, I took it apart. First, the length meant I could not use my puzzle board. I had to tape two boards together to accommodate the length, but the height was so short that most of the combined extra-large board was empty and just took up my table space. I stack all my puzzles when glued until I can hang them, but I wasn’t going to stack this one.

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Rex Ray completed puzzle

Suffice it to say, I won’t reach for another panoramic puzzle until I have the appropriate working space. Then I started thinking about puzzle shapes. (See how my mind works?)

Some people love the panoramic because they don’t have to reach over as high, which is a valid point, but these people also have the room. One puzzler said she has a folding table for these. If you have the room, then great. Panoramic are just harder to fit on a board.

I always prefer the landscape shape. I can reach everything and fit everything. And most brands offer mostly this dimension.

If you read my previous blog about puzzle ailments, you might remember reading about “puzzle boob” and “puzzle back”. For this reason, portrait/vertical shaped puzzles aren’t my favorite. I don’t want to have to lean over and stand up to reach the top and I get frustrated when I have to work sideways.  I will still do a portrait shaped image, but I will also pass on it unless I love it.

Round puzzles are intriguing! I have never tried one! I just realized this. They are so popular that I will be picking one up soon.

Lastly, shaped puzzles. I completed the wooden snail puzzle by JaCaRou, but aside from that, I don’t have a lot of experience with shaped object puzzles. I always liked to work with a border to guide me.

What are your thoughts? What shapes have you tried, liked, disliked? Do you have any suggestions on great round or shaped puzzles I can try? Let me know your thoughts. 😊