Let’s talk about Yazz puzzles! You should all know by now that I am a big fan of Magnolia puzzles, so I was very excited to see posts of a brand called Yazz. Yazz is part of Magnolia, so we have the same exceptional quality and bright colors. The main difference is that the images in Yazz are more stock type images and not really associated with specific artists.


I grabbed this one to try and I loved it so much! 

I opened the box and was happy to find the pieces in a resealable plastic bag, as the Magnolia. There was no poster, but the box image is clear enough to use. There was a lot of puzzle dust, which surprised me, but the pieces are the same thick and lovely feel as I expected. The box had a number of other Yazz images on the back which was also nice to see.

With these square shaped puzzles (1023 pieces), I have a bit of a challenge. I had to take two foam puzzle boards and put them together. This just takes up so much space. I realize I could just put the puzzle directly on the table, and maybe I will try that next time.

I really enjoyed this puzzle. After I completed the border, I sorted all the blue dress pieces, the orange pumpkin pieces, and Cinderella’s face and hair. Once I did that, I had a magical Magnolia like experience where the pieces just fit where I put them. I find it really amazing how they seem to find their own way.  It’s nice to see the Yazz are the same.

This puzzle was really a perfect example of sorting. I had trays for each color and area of the puzzle. Once I completed the pumpkin, dress, and Cinderella, I sorted the floor, carriage wheels, and sky. Ultimately, I completed a section at a time and the puzzle came together easily. If you like Magnolia’s quality, you will like Yazz. Personally, I prefer the images to the original Magnolia brand, but there are a few Yazz puzzles I might want to try.

The quality was great, the colors bright and vibrant, and the fit of the pieces perfect.
Let me know if you try one of these and what you think.