An Aimee Stewart puzzle is kind of like comfort food. I reach for Aimee when I don’t know which puzzle to do next, or when I need something with color to brighten up the day. With the snowy weather we have seen lately, it was expected that I would grab this puzzle. It was happy and it was nostalgic. SOLD!

A piece by mandy   My Awesome Collection 1989

We all know that Aimee’s puzzles are filled with details. This was no different, and in my view, this was one of her busier ones. It sat on my table for quite a while, to be honest, because I just couldn’t sort it properly. It reminded me of her yard sale puzzle – and I thought that one was tough.

I had a LOT of piles of pieces thrown all over my board because I was trying to put them in sections. Then I would pull all of those mini messes into trays and go from there.

My awesome collection

I always try to grab text pieces from a puzzle first. I just find it easier. After that, there was really no strategy here. There is SO MUCH amazing detail that the best strategy is to place the pieces in the area they seem to belong.

The quality was really good. I felt it was even better than some of the other Buffalo puzzles I have done recently. The pieces fit really nicely with a good click and the large poster was included.

Once completed, it took a long time to examine all the erasers, pencils, notes, and stickers.

I would say this was one of the more challenging Aimee puzzles, but it was FUN. The perfect puzzle for any 80’s girl – or their daughter.