I have been so behind on my puzzles since school began. Now that the weather is cooling off, I will be doing more indoor activities – more puzzles.

I did a few last month that I wanted to talk about and tell you what I thought of them.

First, The Grocery Store . This is a Trefl puzzle by beloved artist Pauline Paquin.
I loved this puzzle. I am not a fan of vertical puzzles - but I am a fan of Trefl , of Pauline Paquin, and of this image. The puzzle has a nice variety of colors and just reminded me of home. The details on the items to buy and the clothing are just adorable. Highly recommend.

Next up, Paris Roof Terrace . This is an Anatolian by artist David Maclean. I am a big fan of this artist and this brand. I liked the end result of the puzzle, but I struggled with the repetitiveness of pieces in this mirror type image. This is just personal opinion, but I realized I need more variety in an image. This was almost too symmetrical for me. It became tedious and just dragged on. I have a few others in my pile like this, so I will see how I feel with those. Recommended, just not my favorite.

Lastly, let’s talk about Barbie. Ravensburger Vintage Barbie . Compared to the Anatolian, this was a easy one. I did it in a day. This puzzle was full of bright and cheery fun. I liked this one, but it was much too easy for me LOL. Recommended for puzzle newcomers or people who want to connect to their inner child. Interesting fact: there is a mismatch between the image on the box and the puzzle itself. I checked online and a lot of people have had this issue. Some not. I did email Ravensburger and they are sending me a new puzzle because of the quality control error.

Stay tuned – I have a Halloween puzzle in the works and can’t wait to talk about it!