You will be surprised by the variety of jigsaw puzzles on the market. From basic pieces to 3D structures, many wonderfully complex jigsaw puzzles exist. In this article, we at Jigsaw Jungle will delve into the world of jigsaw puzzles to explore the diverse range of puzzle types challenging enough for even elite puzzle-makers.

Types of Jigsaw Puzzle Challenges 

1. 3D Jigsaw Puzzles

It is time to throw a whole new dimension into your jigsaw puzzling experience. When you complete a 3D jigsaw puzzle, the result is three-dimensional. The most popular subjects of 3D jigsaw puzzles are buildings or famous landmarks, such as the US Capitol, Notre Dame Cathedral, or the Palace of Westminster. Many favorite TV shows have also created 3D jigsaw puzzles of their iconic fictional locations. Adding form and the dimension of depth to a puzzle makes it all the more challenging in a whole new way and offers jigsaw enthusiasts a completely new challenge to conquer.

3d Jigsaw Puzzle


The term ‘WASGIJ’ is ‘JIGSAW’ written backwards. British game maker Jumbo Games brought this one-of-a-kind concept to the world. It dates back to 1997 but has taken two decades to take off and reach its current level of popularity. Jumbo Games defines WASGIJ puzzles as being made of six different concepts but with only one underlying theme- the image you see on the jigsaw puzzle box is not the final image created once all the pieces are put together.  


Jumbo Wasgij Puzzle



Those six concepts are:

  • Destiny WASGIJ

Solve a ‘time travel’ concept where you have to use your imagination to build an image of what you think the image shown on the box looks like in the modern world.

  • Original WASGIJ

In this WASGIJ puzzle, use your imagination and various clues to create the image from the perspective of someone who appears in the original image on the box.

  • Mystery WASGIJ

Put together a jigsaw that determines what will happen to the characters on the box in the next several minutes.

  • Back To… WASGIJ

Yet another time-travel concept in which you must use the modern image on the box and reimagine what it would be like in years past.

  • Imagine WASGIJ

Put together an image of what the characters in the image on the box will look like if imagination turns into reality.

3. Mega Jigsaw Puzzles

As the name suggests, jigsaw puzzles for adults are giant in the number of pieces. With more than 10,000 pieces, it is a real treat for puzzle enthusiasts to invest their time creating large puzzles. Final images include galaxy themes, landscapes, and historical monuments. Mega jigsaw puzzles test patience, attention to detail, and concentration with their large number of pieces.


World care painting Christmas House



4. Double sided/angled puzzles

There are puzzles that have the same image on both sides. Some of these are the exact same image on both sides with either matte pieces, glossy pieces, or both. Some have the same image but on an angle or upside down. Those are very challenging and not for the faint of heart.


Cut flower garden


5. Hand-Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Hand-cut wooden puzzles are gaining more and more popularity. They are perfect for those who like the charm of old wood puzzles but are now improved with sleek laser cuts. These hand-cut wooden puzzles can be highly relaxing and soothing to put together.


Puzzles galore


6. Ravensburger Escape Puzzles

These puzzles offer clues to solve a riddle as you are assembling the puzzle. This is a 2 in 1 type of experience.


Exit Kids: At space 386P



7. Ravensburger Krypt Series

These puzzles are all one color. The piece shapes are not very unique so you need a lot of patience to complete them.

MB Catalogue:rburg


8. Ravensburger Challenge Series

They have also released a series of puzzle that are more challenging by definition. These are very detailed images with similar colors so even the experienced puzzler will be working hard on these

Irrespective of which type of jigsaw puzzle you choose; the fun and benefits remain the same for every kind of puzzle. At Jigsaw Jungle, we offer myriads of puzzle brands, such as Gibsons puzzles and Ravensburger puzzles in Canada, among many more. Whether you are looking for multipack or d-toys jigsaw puzzles, we have it all under one roof. Find your favorite jigsaw puzzles at Jigsaw Jungle.