The weather is getting nicer, and we are spending more time outside. Many of us do less puzzles in the warmer months. We spend time with our children and go on more outings. Life also gets in the way.

I was doing so many puzzles during the pandemic. My daughter was younger, and I was not as busy. Now we have after school assignments and weekend activities. As a result, my puzzle time has decreased, and I am in a bit of a puzzle slump. It bothers me because I love my puzzles and I like brain exercise.

I have found a few solutions to this.

The first option is to focus on puzzles that I really want to do with images I love.  We tend to overbuy and hoard our puzzles. When you do a lot of puzzles, they can all start to look similar too.  As a result, I did some spring cleaning and slimmed down my collection. Now I have puzzles that I am really excited about, and not ones that have been collecting dust. Find joy in your puzzles. Choose wisely and share some of your less loved options.

The next option is to do smaller piece counts. If you need your puzzle fix, and don’t have time to do 1000, 2000 piece puzzles, grab a small one. I call it a puzzle snack. MicroPuzzle are a great example of these.  

 Micro Puzzle

You can finish one quickly and you can even take them with you! There are also many, many options of 300, 500, and 750 piece puzzles to try. Wooden puzzles are another option. Smaller piece counts and a different experience can change things up a bit!

Lastly, make it a family activity. Grab your family and do a Disney puzzle. Teach your children about puzzles.  

Puzzles for kids

Additionally, Cobble Hill has some fun new family style puzzles with small, medium and large pieces all mixed up. Here is one example

Cobble Puzzle

And sometimes, we just need a break. Go for a walk, go to the park. Your puzzles will be ready when you are.