I am a big fan of Aimee Stewart, but I am not a huge fan of Buffalo Puzzle. I know this is an unpopular opinion because Buffalo is a great brand. The pieces are just a bit too glossy for my taste, but that’s just me. However, Aimee just released a bunch of very happy cheery images in the Buffalo brand, so I had to grab a few.

The first one I did is her “Breakfast in Bed” puzzle. This was a fun and relaxing puzzle that I completed in a day! 


Everything about the image was my style. The food, the books, the cats. This is just the kind of puzzle I enjoy when I want something quick and easy.

I like the fact that the Buffalo boxes are small, and I really appreciate the large poster that is included! However, there was quite a bit of puzzle dust and there were quite a few pieces that were not cut well. Hopefully I just had a bad batch.

I just grabbed pieces from the box and sorted them as I went. I always do words first when possible, so I did the crossword puzzle and books first. Then I did the bright green avocado and the sleep mask. I found that the left side of the puzzle was much easier with all the distinct patterns. The right side took a bit longer as many of the colors were similar and muted.

As always with Buffalo, the pieces were thick and clicked well in place. The final image was full of detail and variety. I have a few others from her new collection that I will do soon. If you are an Aimee fan, this is an easy puzzle to recommend.