October is here and the fall and holiday puzzles are out and about! As for me, I am still doing summer puzzles because I tried to puzzle by season or event, I would have to do a puzzle every day to keep up with my collection. 😊

Last month, I mentioned that I was going to try one of JaCaRou’s wooden puzzles. I did, and Anie Maltais delivered to a great expectation!

The puzzle that I did is called Enzo and it’s a cute and colorful snail.

Colorful Snail Puzzle

The puzzle is made of basswood and comes in a small wooden box and includes a bag for storage. The first thing I noticed was the scent. I was told by many people that these puzzles have an amazing smell, and I was not disappointed! These smell like autumn weather! It was kind of like firewood, kind of like a campfire, but very much like smoky wood and so delicious that I kept inhaling.

Wooden Puzzle

There were 150 pieces in this puzzle and each one had a different shape. There were many “whimsy” shapes that were fun and adorable. These puzzles have very thick pieces, and they don’t snap into place like a traditional flat puzzle. They slide in from the top and fit really nicely. The pieces feel so unique and special in your hands. This one took me a few hours to do. I put it back in the box so I could enjoy it again and redo it. 😊

JaCaRou Puzzle Pieces

I would definitely do another wooden puzzle. I have nothing bad to say. I loved this puzzle. I loved everything about it, from the box, to the image, to the scent. 😊

I don’t think these puzzles will ever replace traditional jigsaws, nor should they. I do think everyone who enjoys a nice jigsaw should try one. They also make great gifts and will be on my holiday gift list.

jigsaw puzzle

An experienced puzzler will complete 150 pieces fairly quickly, and the prices of wooden puzzles are higher than conventional puzzles. I believe that’s why many of us hesitate before purchasing one. But if you are reading this, and you trust my opinion, give one a try. It’s a completely different puzzling experience that I highly recommend.