CherryPazzi Puzzles

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  • Parrots on the Veranda (1000pcs)

    Beautiful parrots perched on a branch, flowers and richly decorated pottery. This picture is a particularly interesting proposition for lovers of details and exotic plants and will bring a warm,...
  • Blumenmarkt (1000pcs)

    Paris moments of belle epoque splendor. Flower markets full of colors. Sunlight is at play to focus attention on colors, contrasted with the shade of tree and the elegant woman...
  • Poetic Teatime (1000pcs)

    The atmospheric light of this painting effectively helps to create a cozy atmosphere on a cool evening. Teatime celebrates combination of relax and poetry.
  • Inflorescence (1000pcs)

    Composition and textural style creates the illusion of movement. It’s amazing that this painting was made by fingertips. Absolutely stunning, vibrant, contemporary floral painting. Yellow sunflowers on a bright blue...
  • Bon voyage! (1000pcs)

    Bulldogs have a long history as companion dogs because of their loving, playful, and overall calm nature - they certainly are patient and funny. We dress him up in a...
  • Paris Boulevard (1000pcs)

    The present work depicts a bustling Paris street. The viewer feels transported back to the turn of the century and compelled to explore the detailed scene more closely. The soft...
  • Le Gemme del Giardino (1000pcs)

    This painting depicts a charming flower shop along the shorelines of the Mediterranean Sea. The colorful flower vines decorate the aging building. The flower palette is bold and full of...
  • Quiet Cove (2000pcs)

    This unique fishing village painting brings the captivating light and vibrant colors to enjoy. You can relax in the tranquility of this cove, where the geese swim, sunrays glisten on...
  • Piazza San Marco, Venice (1000pcs)

    This is a picturesque scene of Piazza San Marco. The enchanting and relaxing atmosphere in Venice. This unique artwork captured fleeting movement moments with delightful effects of light and color....
  • Castle in Moszna (1000pcs)

    Moszna Castle is a fabulous and dreamlike residence that can be found in Poland. The historic building has 365 rooms, 99 towers and turrets, and it is surrounded by a...
  • Canale Grande (1000pcs)

    The sunset in Venice. The last rays in soft and warm shades on the Grand Canal. Seaside joy, romantic mood of this city of water with extraordinary atmosphere. It is...
  • Coastal Town (1000pcs)

    Stunning view in the unique and distinctive art style. Nice houses featuring colorful facades stand out along the shoreline. Enjoy the mood and calm view of the coastal village and...
  • Sailing the WR Grace (1000pcs)

    Let's try to interpret this beautiful work through your own feelings and emotions. Feel the sunshine and wind, and a sense of adventure as well. Soft tones of the sky...
  • Alpine Serenity (1000pcs)

    This is a gateway to a moment of reflection, as sun rays and brilliant autumn trees reflect on an alpine stream. In the early fall months things quiet down, and...
  • Riverside Glen (1000pcs)

    Lyrical and precise painting. This lush garden flows into the surrounding woodland and provides the inspiration for enthusiasts of gorgeous views, garden elegance and idyllic tranquility.
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