I was never a big fan of Galison. Although the images are fun, and the quality is good, I’m not really a fan of the white backing on the pieces. And the fact that all the pieces are the same shape – it makes it impossible to sort by shape. Not my thing.

All that being said, I have an open mind and I tried Galison “Pajama Mamas”. I liked the image and the colors a lot.

This was a journey and I am very happy to have completed it.

I was doing home renovations and they took longer than I expected. During that time, I was unable to get to my dining table. No joke. The boxes and materials were stacked in my dining room and the table and puzzle  were covered in dishware and tools. I kept looking at the puzzle and wondering if I would finish, and if it would have all the pieces.


Prior to the renovations, I had done the border and the bright colors of the yellow and pink outfits. When I finally got back to it, I was very disappointed. It was covered in dust. There were pieces all over and out of place. I was thinking of packing it up. But you know, there was something about the image that made me wonder if I disliked Galison after all.

What I really enjoyed about this puzzle was the interesting textural and patterned components of the image. As if it were a painting, I could see the brush strokes in the different dark pieces and the different patterns of the green pieces. Although it seems daunting, it is easy to tackle and I continued to sort, all the while wondering if I had all the pieces.

Galison Puzzles

When I finally cleared off all the dust and placed the last piece, I was really happy. A great feeling of accomplishment to have completed what thought would never be done.

While Galison is still not my favorite brand, I enjoyed this one and the details in the image. I would definitely do another Galison if the image was right.