Hi everyone, it is getting colder outside, and more and more people seem to be staying inside. This means more puzzle time! Schools are closed. People are off work. People need gifts! Puzzles are the perfect way to spend quality time with our families and give gifts that do not die (flowers) or get eaten (food baskets).

Before I share some of my favorite holiday puzzle images, I wanted to share my own personal opinion. I am curious to know what others think.

Although I love the lights and music of Christmas, we don’t usually celebrate much at home. At this time of year, there is Christmas everywhere and that is great. I have always noticed a lack of exposure to other holidays. In an industry like puzzles where this is an actual activity that can be shared at home, wouldn’t it make sense to see other cultures and traditions depicted in the images?  I have only seen one full size Hannukah puzzle. I have also seen one mini puzzle. I have never seen a puzzle for any other holidays except Halloween and maybe an Easter puzzle. What about all the mixed families and cultural traditions? People of different color, race, gender? We are living in a different world where inclusion is of the utmost importance and I believe the puzzle industry along with many others, should take advantage of the opportunity to teach and share with the right messages. There is no such thing as a “traditional” family anymore and we should celebrate that.

Rant over. Thank you for reading.

And here are some of my favorite holiday images for the season. Some of these are newer releases so something fresh to enjoy!

1. Mid Mod Season's Greetings

2. Mid Century Merriment, Joelle McIntyre (1000pcs)

3. Christmas Cat Stamp Collection (1000pcs)

4.  The Witch & Santa Claus, Francois Ruyer (1000pcs)

5.  Hanukkah - Festival Of Lights - Mini Puzzle

Thanks for reading, I have a Bluebird review coming soon!