Extreme puzzle love alert ahead! I have already declared my adoration for all things Magnolia! I have done a few already, and this is one of my favorites.


I think eventually I will need to own all of Romi Lerda’s puzzles. This was just so much fun and is going on my wall to be admired for all time.



The colors were so vibrant. The pieces fit perfectly. There was hardly any dust and no false fits. This puzzle is almost as perfect as they get. However, it was not easy. There were times when I wanted to cry. But I persevered and the rewards were great.

As always, I started with the border. Horizontal puzzles aren’t my favorite, as you may know, but all is forgiven with this brand.

There was a lot of sorting with the puzzle.

Red and blue. Gold pieces. Pink stars. Hair.

I started by sorting the blue pieces and then the red. Once I completed those parts, I put all the pink stars in a tray. I worked on the gold pieces of her headpiece and clothing. I also assembled her beautiful eyes. Once those parts were done, the sides started coming together.

I am not sure about the Magnolia star ratings on the box. Although this puzzle had a 3-star rating, it was much more challenging than the first one I completed. 

And it was definitely easier than Lady with Flowers, which also had a 3 star rating. I will be writing about this one soon.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and grab one of these Magnolia puzzles. Let me know what you think.