Cheers to another week! I trust you are all keeping warm and safe.

Here is my disclaimer: This week’s blog is in no way intended to dissuade anyone from puzzling. In fact, the intention is to share some of our pains and offer solutions. 😊

I was working on a puzzle last week and I realized my elbows were sore and blistered. I also knew they were sore from leaning on my table when I puzzle. I wondered how many other people suffered from “puzzle ailments” and what they do to work through them.

I posted the question online and was amused by the responses. Sometimes you want to know that you are not alone. 😊

A lot of people stated that they are exhausted because they puzzle late into the night. We suffer from the “just one more piece” syndrome. I was doing that too, now I try to give myself a deadline or I am a zombie the next day.

I also learned of some new terminology.

“Puzzle Neck” and “Puzzle Back” – There were many posts about sore necks and backs. I don’t have this issue so I must be puzzling at the proper angle. Several people posted about sore necks, backs, and irritated nerves. We tend to lean forward too much. This can be solved by using a puzzle board or adjusting how you sit. Someone else suggested sorting pieces into stackable trays so they can pull pieces towards them instead of having to lean over the puzzle.

“Puzzle Boob” LOL This is my favorite. It happens to me too. I am not very tall, and my arms are short. Therefore, when I lean across to reach the top of a vertically oriented puzzle, I get squished against the table. I solved this problem by doing more horizontal puzzles where I don’t have to reach as high. Alternately, I turn the puzzle, but it confuses me a bit because I have to readjust the image in my head. A puzzle board can help here too.

“Puzzle Butt” These just keep getting better. 😊 Our behinds can fall asleep and get stiff from sitting. Someone suggested getting up every so often to do the twist. We need to get up and move!

“Puzzle Elbow” I get this all the time! Blisters, callouses, and dry skin from leaning on the table. An adjustable table and chair will help, as well as moisturizers and even elbow pads.

I thought these gems of feedback were pretty funny and wanted to share. Sometimes we need to know others have the same experiences. Puzzling can be so much fun and so good for you! But keep in mind, there is always the need to move and stretch and be comfortable so you can enjoy your puzzles even more!

Next week, I will be writing about the first Heye puzzle I did. Have a great week!