My apologies to all - I am behind in my puzzling, as I have been sick. I’m getting better now and working on another artist interview that I am hoping to have completed soon. I also just finished a Trefl that I loved, and I will share that with you as well!

In the meantime, the season is changing, and my puzzle choices are changing too. I am doing darker puzzles, more cozy images, and less of the summer ones in my pile. But who knows, that could change.

I’m seeing people in the puzzle groups posting about Halloween puzzles. I have NEVER done a Halloween puzzle – yet. I do have one in my pile that I will be starting shortly, by one of my favorite artists, Demelsa Haughton. You might recall a previous blog where I raved about her work, and I’m sure this puzzle will be no different. Here it is - 


If memory serves me correctly, everyone was looking for this puzzle last year, and many places only received it AFTER Halloween. This year, I grabbed it early! Truth be told, I don’t see a lot of great Halloween puzzles. Last year, there were only a few available. There are a lot of similar images too – ghosts, pumpkins, haunted houses. I don’t feel there is much originality in the Halloween images, and I am always looking for something different. However, we do have some fun ones available, so I wanted to help you with your shopping list!

Aside from that Demelsa I linked above, here are my suggestions for scary, spooky, pumpkin-y  puzzles for the end of October mood.

Do you have a favorite Halloween puzzle? Do you skip the theme and stock up for Christmas? Let me know and have a great week!