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Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

Puzzle solving is a great way to pass the time, and not just for children! After a busy day of work and responsibilities, unwinding with a good puzzle to do at your leisure is a great way to relax while keeping your brain active! At Jigsaw Jungle, we offer a huge assortment of adult jigsaw puzzles and we are sure to have just the right puzzle for everyone, no matter what your interests! We offer puzzles in every possible piece count to cater to all ages and skill levels, and we have a heavy selection of 1000-piece puzzles to keep any adult occupied. Check out our range of popular brands and artists such as Ravensburger Puzzles , Springbok Puzzles and White Mountain Puzzles that cover a variety of images and illustrations across many different styles and genres. Here are some of our top picks for adult jigsaw puzzles:

1. Writer’s Paradise

Writer’s Paradise illustrates the most perfect and tranquil space to read and work from. This 1000-piece puzzle is perfect for intermediates, and exudes beauty and relaxation! From the gorgeous bouquet of flowers to the picturesque coastal views through two French doors, this puzzle is sure to bring serenity, calmness and a good challenge to keep you busy and entertained.

2. The Eighties (by James Mellet)

Totally gnarly! Artist James Mellet captures all of the 1980s in one image including sports, fashion, and various politicians and celebrities. There is nothing missing from this jam-packed collection of everything 80’s!

3. Best Places in Canada (by Lewis T. Johnson)

Travel through Canada and enjoy the beauty of some of the most magnificent provinces such as British Colombia, Ontario, Quebec, and more. This image includes many Canadian historical sites and beautiful scenic views showcasing all the beautiful colors of Canada!

4. New York Craft Beers (by Lois B. Sutton)
We recommend New York Craft Beers by Lois B. Sutton if you are looking for a really cool and fun puzzle! This puzzle is a collection of various beer brands and labels, and you are sure to find your favorite draft among the many breweries included!

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