We are all familiar with the work of the delightful Aimee Stewart, but how many of you know of her husband Lars? He is a great puzzle artist too!

I love puzzles that have food in the image and this one made me very hungry.

This puzzle had a huge poster and very little puzzle dust. We were off to a great start. This was the usual Buffalo quality with thick and glossy pieces.

It was the perfect balance of challenge and simplicity.


I started with the giant hamburger bun because completing that was quick, easy and it was simple to pull those pieces from the box. The only thing to be careful of is to differentiate between the bun and the pretzel. They both have seeds but once you can recognize the difference, that hamburger is lots of fun to assemble.

I sorted the pieces with the lettering on sections like the tickets and pops of color in the ketchup, donuts, and rainbow treats, and I placed those on my board. Ultimately, I attacked this puzzle with the strategy in mind that I was assembling mini puzzles. I had a small pile for each snack.


About three quarters of the way through, I slowed down because there were a lot of similar tones in the snacks I had left, such as the corn dog and onion rings. The bottom left was definitely the trickiest part and even that wasn’t so bad. I also loved the corn on the cob!

All in all, this was so much fun. The image quality was great and the jigsaw puzzle wasn’t too easy.

I definitely recommend this! Just don’t do it when you are hungry.