It has been a long time since I had a new Gibsons puzzle! Most of their images are English countryside, bright colors, or similar art. After a while, I felt as if they all looked the same. However, Gibsons has introduced some new style! Being the 80’s girl that I am, I was immediately drawn to this puzzle - 

Retro Vibe Puzzle

This image was filled with nostalgia! I had many of those items when I was young, so the puzzle made me smile. The slinky, the Nokia phone, the Cabbage Patch doll – AHHHHH!

This was a great quality puzzle, with the same thick pieces and no puzzle dust! There were no false fits and the pieces clicked together nicely. As always, a nice full sized poster is included.

Retro Vibes Puzzle  Retro vibes puzzles

I am glad the puzzle came with a poster, because the box image did not depict the full image. That threw me off until I opened the poster and saw the puzzle edges.

I pulled out as many of the toys, letters, and color pops as I could and started with those. Although, I will say that it was a challenging puzzle because the colors were so similar. I will also say that it did not feel like a Gibson puzzle. I’m not saying it in a bad way, I was just thrown off by the muted colors and art style.

The white shelving and pale blue background were the most tedious parts and took the longest. The rest came together fairly quickly.

This wasn’t my favorite puzzle, but it was a nice trip down memory lane and a good example of Gibsons quality.

What are your thoughts on these new Gibsons? Let me know.