I tried something new!

I had never been tempted to do a 3D puzzle before, until I saw this

Friends  Wrebbit 3d

I am a HUGE fan of FRIENDS, so I had to have it for my collection. Let me tell you what I thought.

At any point in time, my table will have LEGO or a puzzle. I feel as if this was kind of a combination of the two.

I had never seen a 3D puzzle unboxed, so I was shocked that the box was so light! I didn’t even realize it was made of foam. I was in a brand new territory!

Wrebbit 3d Puzzle  Jigsaw Puzzle

Wrebbit 3D seems to be the leader in this space and I feel confident in saying that they know what they are doing. They have quite a large variety of jigsaw puzzles, including Harry Potter and Batman.

I stared at the pieces for quite a while until I understood what to do. I had to separate all the pieces and I am still confused about the red dot pieces. I had to remove all the red dot pieces, and I wonder why they just don’t make the puzzle without them.

The pieces were so bouncy and puffy! I kept dropping them and they kept bouncing all over the floor.

There were 2 keys to success with this puzzle:

Number 1: Using my iPad to see the image. The box was of no use here, but the Wrebbit site has online instructions. I would not have been able to complete this had I not had the full image. The site was invaluable for that, and their detailed imaging made it possible to complete.

Number 2: SORTING. I have never had a puzzle where I had to sort so many times. The sooner you can sort each page into mini sections, the quicker you will be.

The end result was nice to look at, albeit a bit wobbly, and very fragile. Did I like it? I liked it. Would I do another one? Well, there was nothing wrong with it, but unless it was a build for my collection, I would stick to Lego OR a traditional jigsaw. These do make great gifts though and I would more than pleased to give one to someone or do one that is given to me.

Your thoughts?