I wrote about JaCaRou a long time ago, and I thought it was time for another visit. I am hoping to have a profile written soon about the amazing Anie Maltais as well.

JaCaRou is a brand that is close to my heart, literally, because they are headquartered right here near my home. There are few brands that originated around me, and only one near this Montreal suburb, so that makes them very familiar to me. JaCaRou has a beautiful selection of puzzles in a variety of piece counts, but they also have diamond art which I need to try someday.
I just completed this fun puzzle “Snow Much Fun”, by the owner and artist, Anie Maltais.

jacarou puzzles                Jigsaw puzzles

I was drawn to this image because of the bright colors. A lot of winter puzzles are just full of snow or Christmas, so this pop of color was nice change of scenery. 

With this particular puzzle, I treated it as a series of mini puzzles. I sorted by the colors and “textures” of the houses. Pink, purple, and green first. The snowmen and trees were next, and then I placed and sorted the other houses on my board. The sky was the most challenging part, for sure, so I left it towards the end. It was not as easy a puzzle as I expected, which was a nice surprise.

As with all JaCaRou, there was hardly any puzzle dust. The pieces are very thick and sturdy to hold with no false fits. There is no poster included, but the box image is clear and unobscured so it’s perfect. What I love most about this brand is the unique style. As with a couple of my other favorite artists, I love the uniqueness of the brand and the artists. You will always recognize the style of the art with a JaCaRou puzzle. The pieces are also very high gloss and shiny. If you like matte pieces, then this will be a change. 


JaCaRou puzzles have bright, cheerful, and truly vivid images. If you love color, then this is a brand for you. There are images of animals, flowers, characters, and picturesque scenes. Truly something for everyone. Do you love this brand? Let me know!