Let’s talk about Grafika! We recently started carrying this brand and they are flying off the shelves. Grafika is known for their art puzzles. They have been in business for almost 10 years and started with accessories for larger puzzles. They created puzzle rolls and tape, then noticed a gap in the market for puzzles with larger piece counts. Along with classic artists like Van Gogh, Klimt, and Monet, they partner with Josephine Wall and Francois Ruyer for a bit of the unique! They have puzzles from 500 pieces all the way up to 54,000. If you do that 54,000 puzzle, please send me photos! The link is below: 


Illustration of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle

I had the chance to try a Francois Ruyer in 500 pieces and I thought it was so cute and fun!

Francois Ruyer in 500 pieces

If you enjoy this type of amusing art, then don’t worry, there is a big variety to choose from. I am not a really big fan of fine art puzzles, so I was happy to see Francois Ruyer in the mix. He is a French illustrator who works with children’s publishing, and I like the whimsical aspect of his cartoon like images as well as the bright colors. They bring out the child in me.

The box was solid and sturdy with the image clearly visible. There was no poster. The pieces were of a good standard thickness and a matte finish. I would compare it to Trefl. I didn’t have a problem with puzzle dust. The shapes were a standard cut with a good variety of shapes. There were no false fits, so I knew when I had a piece in the proper place.

Grafika Puzzle

The only thing that I did not like was the condition of the pieces. I had quite a few peeling edges and one piece where the image coating was completely separated from the cardboard. It might have been bad luck and it won’t deter me from doing more from this brand, especially the witch collection.

Close-up view of an artistic creation

I recommend this brand, especially the witch series. I like the feel of the pieces and the images they offer. I am hoping I was just unlucky with my box and will do another one soon and update all of you.

Close-up view of Grafika Puzzles

Close-up view of Grafika Jigsaw Puzzles

Let me know what you think of Grafika.