I know there is a brand new collection of Disney princess puzzles out there, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. Not sure if I will. I am a bit tired of the Princess puzzles. Additionally, I have a young daughter, so I see princesses everywhere.

However, I did manage to finish another in the Heroines collection – Ariel

If you remember, I completed Belle recently and I found it to be a challenge. It was very dark. I expected Ariel to be easier. I am not sure that it was. I think the end result is probably prettier than the Belle puzzle because it is brighter, but I don’t think it was easier.

It was a standard Ravensburger quality. Again, no poster. This time it was extra frustrating because I needed to see what the logo was covering. I don’t know why they do that, but I digress.


I started by sorting the yellow and completed Flounder first. I had to put all the red hair pieces in a separate pile, because there were just so many that I decided to work on the red hair towards the end. I also did Ursula at the start, because the purple pieces were easy to find.

As I went through, I found small shading differences in the red and the skin tones,  but I found it very tedious. So much red. There were too many similar colors for me to find this puzzle interesting.