I think I have been a bit obsessed with Magnolia. I have done two others recently. One I liked, but did not love, and one I ADORED.

May I please introduce you to Lady With Flowers - 

Lady with flower

This is another Romi Lerda, 1000 pieces. Again, I do not quite understand how Magnolia determines their difficulty rating, as this one was also a challenge. But it was so worth it.

This one is a bit different from some of Romi’s order puzzles. There is no specific character or celebrity image, just a lady with flowers. If you like floral images such as this one, you will love this puzzle.


There was nothing simple here. The edges even took longer than usual as they were all similar in color. Honestly, I did not even know where to start. I remember staring at the box in total confusion.

The key to this puzzle was in the sorting. A lot of sorting. I took out all the skin tones and put them in a tray. I took out all the butterfly pieces and put them in a tray. I took out all the pink pieces, and green pieces. I had more trays than I have ever had with another puzzle.

I started with the blue and purple flowers from yet another tray because they were the easiest part. There weren’t as many. Then I did the right side of the arms.

Then, as with any other Magnolia, the puzzle started to come together. I remember how happy I was when the butterflies were assembled, and when the pink flowers were in place.

Honestly, the colors were just beautiful. The quality was exceptional as always. Hardly any dust. No false fits. It was just an enjoyable puzzle all around and one of my all time favorite images. It is going on my wall, in a frame.

Please let me know if you have tried this brand yet. I will something a bit different for you next time although it will be tough for me to stay away from my two remaining Magnolias.