I have been hearing about Magnolia Puzzles for a while now. People write about them and rave about them all over the puzzle groups. But they were like a puzzle unicorn. Magical, unable to reach. They were just not easy to find.

Until now! We have them!

Magnolia Puzzle

Magnolia Puzzles have been around since 2020, so they are a fairly new brand. They are a Turkish brand with a huge following and about 15 artists in their collection.

I was happy to finally try one of these unicorns. The one I started with was Catryoshka

These puzzles have a unique style, which I always appreciate. They are colorful and bright and fun to look at. Some of the more architectural style puzzles remind me of Art and Fable, another high quality brand.

First, the box has a feature that I have never seen. There is a difficulty rating – up to 5 stars. The ones I have done are both rated 3-star puzzles, and I would say that it’s a bizarre rating. This cat puzzle was much, much easier than the other one I completed - more on that later.

The boxes are sturdy and have other puzzle images on the back, always nicer than a blank box. The pieces come in a resealable plastic bag, which is also nice. These are thick pieces with a matte finish. There was a bit of puzzle dust, not terrible, and there were no false fits.

This particular puzzle took me a few hours, I simply divided the cats into a bunch of mini puzzles, and assembled them all accordingly. This puzzle was FUN. I really enjoyed it and put it back in the box to do it again another time.

I did another Magnolia shortly after – review coming soon – and I have a few more already in my pile. There is a collector element to these, you tend to want a few, almost like a series. There is also a magical quality. I might be a bit crazy, but the pieces tended to find their way inti place. I just pulled the right ones out of the box multiples times and put them where they needed to go. That happened with both my Magnolias, so I thought it was odd in a good way.

The only thing that I did not love is the fact that there are so many vertical images. That is just my personal preference, though. I don’t like to reach, and I don’t like to do puzzles sideways.

Aside from that, the whimsical and magical images, the colorful designs, and the excellent quality of the pieces, make this brand a win. Run, don’t walk, grab one. These puzzles are an experience.