Let’s talk about Bluebird! Another new brand to our puzzle line up, they are a brand from France that started in 2018. They have very colorful images and feature art from artists such as Dominic Davison, Aimee Stewart, and Ciro Marchetti. We have quite a variety of Bluebird and there are more coming. They have piece counts of 1000 and up.

The one I chose was a cat puzzle with art by Joelle McIntyre. I like her images and the bright colors of the Bluebird brand.

The box was nice and solid, and I appreciated that they had other puzzles on the back of the box for people to see. There was no poster, but the box image was visible.

There was a bit of puzzle dust, nothing serious, and the pieces were fairly thick. There was something that I didn’t like in the way they felt in my hand, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. They were almost too rough if that makes sense. I’m probably being too picky about that. However, there were a number of pieces that were not cut well and tore when I tried to separate them. It was a challenge to see if a piece fit in the right place, so I kept moving pieces around. There were a variety of shapes, and they are standard shapes.

To be honest, after I did the border and sorted the text and bright colors, I lost interest and struggled to get through it.

Personally, I didn’t love this puzzle. The most important thing to me in a puzzle is the image. I find that most Bluebird that I have seen are very cloudy and fuzzy in their images. I need a sharp image with a lot of clarity and definition. I have the same issue with Buffalo puzzles though, and everyone loves Buffalo.

I think if you like Buffalo, and the artists I named above, you will like this brand. I just didn’t have fun with this one. There is nothing fun about sorting trays full of undefined cat fur pieces. LOL

Let me know what you like about Bluebird. They are a very popular brand, so I am hoping I just chose the wrong image.