Hello out there! I hope you are all doing well 😊

This week’s blog will be a tiny bit different in the sense that I am not an expert. I know a lot of things about puzzles. I know a lot about brands. But I don’t know a lot about this topic – wooden puzzles.

Wooden puzzles are different than standard puzzles in many ways. First, there are less companies that make them in a good quality material, and many are in Europe. There are others in the USA as well, but I hear most of the information from brands in the UK. They are harder to find, and not as available as other puzzles. I haven’t tried one yet, so everything I know is from research I have done. Please send me any information or comments you would like to share because I want to know more about this niche!

All the pieces have different shapes, and they are not all shaped like straight edge puzzles. A lot of them are shaped like animals or birds and they don’t snap together like cardboard puzzles. From what I understand, the pieces are set in place but don’t click in place. These puzzles are more expensive so it’s important to order a respected brand. There are also some whimsical pieces that relate to the image of the puzzle. These are called “whimsies” which are essentially pieces shaped like a seahorse, insect, or whatever else fits the image. I am also told that they have an amazing scent from the wooden pieces! 😊

I am happy to announce that our friends at JaCaRou Puzzles just released a line of wooden puzzles. Anie Maltais has created six colorful images that are in stock at Jigsaw Jungle! These are super cute!

wooden Puzzle


I’m going to try one soon and will share my thoughts. I hear they are addictive so I’m excited! Have you tried a wooden puzzle? What did you think?

Please let me know! 😊