We are getting so many new brands! I’m always excited to try them!

This week I was given a puzzle by Willow Creek Press 

I had never heard very much about this company. They are primarily a publisher, specializing in books, calendars, as well as jigsaw puzzles. There is not very much about them in the puzzle groups, so I was happy for the chance to give one a try.

They have a very nice variety of images. I saw several fine art images which reminded me of Eurographics. They have collage style puzzles which are reminiscent of White Mountain. They also have some ethereal type images that reminded me of Heye. I think they have something for everyone, which is a good thing.

Please note, I am usually a 1000-piece puzzle girl. The one that I grabbed was 500 pieces, so I am not sure how they compare, if at all. This is the one I chose: Open The Door

Willow Creek

The box was simple. I found it odd that the Willow Creek name was nowhere to be found on the box. When I went by the warehouse yesterday, I saw that the name was on the 1000-piece box. Odd. I am not sure why that is.

The pieces come in a thick plastic bag. There was no poster, but the image on the front was sufficient for me. The pieces were strong and sturdy. And they were very large with unusual shapes. I wasn’t sure if the 1000-piece puzzles have the same piece sizes, but from the images I found online they are larger than the average and in random shapes as well. There was quite a bit of puzzle dust on my initial sort, but that wasn’t a real problem. Some of the pieces were poorly cut and still stuck together, but again, not a real problem. When completed, some of the pieces did not lie flat. Still not a huge problem, but not something we see in the more premium brands.

Willow Creek 2


The image was clear and bright. The colors were very vivid, and it was fun to put this puzzle together. It took me a few hours to complete so it was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

This is a respectable brand. There are images for everyone. The pieces snap together very well with no false fits. And, if you are a person who loves the fun cuts and gets bored of the standard grid pieces, you will really enjoy this brand.