So many puzzles, and so little time! My pile of puzzles is always growing! I finish a few, then I buy a few more. I always have puzzles. I have about twenty to complete. I have about ten to hang on the wall. I have a baby collection compared to some of the massive collections that I see online.

I think I have mentioned this before, but some people have shelving units, storage rooms, custom puzzle rooms – and what do people do with so many puzzles?

Personally, I save the ones I love. I don’t redo a puzzle as there are just too many out there and I don’t see the point. But that is just me. If I don’t want it on my wall, it gets posted for sale or trade. It never goes back in the box. I glue the puzzles ones I love and hang them on the wall. I use puzzle glue on the front and sticky sheets on the back. When I first started puzzling, I was looking for frames. However, not all frames will fit all puzzles, so you need to be sure to measure properly.

Gluing Puzzle

Check out blog to know how to mount, frame & hang puzzle.

Some people save their favorites to redo another day. They box them up and store them and redo them later. Others pass on their puzzles to their family and friends. If you have friends and family who enjoy a good jigsaw, this is a good option. A lot of people sell their puzzles. There are several online puzzle groups and marketplaces which are extremely popular.

Lastly, I have noticed that more people are donating puzzles. They bring them to charity shops, thrift stores, and senior citizen homes. The past year has been difficult, and people are more willing to share.

Here is a link to Jigsaw Jungle’s Puzzles for GOOD initiative. You can donate your used puzzles to be sold and all profits go to charity. As stated on their website, “A wonderful way to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle while simultaneously giving back to the community!”

What do you do with your completed puzzles? Do you save them? Pass them on? Let me know!

Have a great week! Next week, we will be looking at Father’s Day and puzzling with Dad!