True puzzle lovers know that jigsaw puzzles are the most challenging and entertaining type of puzzle—but with so many different versions and varieties available, it can be difficult to know which kind of jigsaw puzzles to choose and which are best suited for adults and children. Jigsaw Jungle, Canada’s premier online retailer of jigsaw puzzles, offers a wide range of puzzles to suit any age and personality. Whether it’s a giant 3D puzzle with thousands of pieces or a simple 100-piece puzzle with chunky pieces, there are so many jigsaw puzzles, and for anyone. To help you decide on your next puzzle, we have curated this list of jigsaw puzzles for kids and adults.  

Puzzles For Adults

At Jigsaw Jungle, our selection of puzzles are designed to challenge and entertain you. The following types of jigsaw puzzles are real brain teasers—ideal for adult puzzlers:

  • 1000 Pieces

Puzzles with 1000 pieces are often the most challenging and are ideal for experienced, adult puzzlers. Puzzles with 1000 pieces tend to be complex, and the pieces are typically quite small and sometimes, puzzles with a high piece count come in irregular shapes instead of interlocking pieces, which adds to the challenge. Large puzzles are ideal for completing in groups of 4 because each puzzler can focus on solving their corner or side of the puzzle.

1000 pieces puzzle
  • 3D Jigsaw Puzzles

Some people prefer 3D jigsaw puzzles that are constructed vertically and horizontally. These jigsaw puzzles come in a variety of styles and themes, including castles, dinosaurs, space ships, structures like the Eiffel Tower, or buildings like the Empire State Building. They can be a fun challenge to assemble, and the finished product is an interesting statement piece and conversation starter to display once it’s completed.

Poster Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them - One Sheet 1

  • Black and White Puzzles

When most people work through solving a jigsaw puzzle, they approach it based on each piece’s colour—and match those pieces with others like them. This technique is much more difficult when the pieces are all black and white. Jigsaw puzzles featuring black and white images, such as the works of M.C. Escher or other geometric designs, provide hours of fun and a sense of accomplishment when it’s finished.

Educa Amsterdam Puzzle (1000 Piece), Black/White

  • Wooden Puzzles

Wooden brain teaser puzzles are some of the most challenging jigsaw puzzles in Canada. These intricate puzzles are made up of interlocking wooden pieces and come in a variety of designs and styles perfect for adult puzzlers. Popular themes for wooden puzzles include animals, landscapes, buildings, and ships.

  • Round Puzzles

If you’re looking for a unique puzzling experience, we recommend giving our round puzzles a try. These puzzles feature the same style of jigsaw puzzle pieces as their square and rectangular counterparts but in a round shape that makes solving the puzzle more challenging. Completed round jigsaw puzzles are also popular as wall hangings because of their unusual shape.

  • Panoramic Puzzles

Panoramic jigsaw puzzles are extremely popular among experienced puzzlers. A variety of images are available in our online puzzle store, with higher piece counts than most standard jigsaw puzzles. To assemble and solve a panoramic jigsaw puzzle, you need a large table or ample floor space. Jigsaw Jungle’s panoramic puzzles typically depict breathtaking landscapes and nature scenes, among other vibrant images. We recommend starting on the borders with these unique puzzles.

    Puzzles For Kids

    At Jigsaw Jungle, we have a wide range of puzzles for kids. Our kids' puzzles engage, entertain, and educate while honing your child's creative thinking and problem-solving skills. The following types of puzzles are ideal for kids of all ages:

    • Chunky Puzzles

    Chunky jigsaw puzzles feature bulky pieces that are thicker, easier to grasp by little hands, and have non-interlocking to make them easier for kids to put together. Typically, chunky puzzles are ideal for toddlers because they develop motor skills and kids typically need to use both hands to pick up and move the pieces.
    Dinosaurs - Chunky Puzzles

    • Knob Puzzles

    Knob puzzles are the easiest jigsaw puzzles for kids available through our online puzzle store. Knob puzzle pieces are usually non-connecting and fit snugly into cut-outs on a wooden board. Each puzzle piece comes with a knob that makes it easier for kids to hold and assemble—making them ideal for toddlers who are just beginning to develop their puzzle-solving skills.

    Knob Puzzles
    • Frame Puzzles

    Frame puzzles are perfect for beginners of jigsaw puzzles. The interlocking pieces are put together inside a frame, and they are typically made from cardboard. The cardboard frame helps young children understand where to place the puzzle pieces, particularly near the edges. Jigsaw Jungle recommends this puzzle for children in preschool and kindergarten. Frame puzzles usually come with between 9 and 60 puzzle pieces.

    • Floor Puzzles

    Floor puzzles are designed to be put together directly on the floor without a frame. They are the best type of puzzle to help develop children’s problem-solving skills. They are ideal for kids preschool aged and older. Floor puzzles generally come with between 24 and 100 pieces. Our online puzzle store also offers a selection of puzzle boards in Canada to make assembling floor puzzles easier for your little ones.

    • Shape Puzzles

    Some of the most entertaining jigsaw puzzles for children to complete are puzzles that are different shapes once they are assembled—like cats, cars, or houses. There are also unique puzzles where the pieces themselves are in the shape of objects like animals, trees, and flowers.

    Haflingers-1, Special shaped D-Toys puzzle 239 pc

      Jigsaw Jungle is among the most popular puzzle stores in Canada, known for our variety of puzzles suitable for both adults and kids. Our expansive collection of jigsaw puzzles includes challenging brain puzzles for adults that are perfect for independent puzzling or completing as a group. We also offer a wide range of easier beginner puzzles ideal for kids—they feature bright colours, easy-to-grasp pieces, and a lower piece count. We offer jigsaw puzzles in a variety of piece counts, sizes, complexity, and images to suit your interests and skill level. If you’re looking for quality, affordable jigsaw puzzles in Canada, check out Jigsaw Jungle’s online catalogue today!