Hello all! I’m always excited to share my opinion of a new brand. I recently completed a puzzle by Trefl, and I have a lot of great things to say!

First of all, a little bit about Trefl. They are a family business comprised of a few companies, with puzzle made in Europe. They offer puzzles for both children and adults with piece counts ranging up to 6000. I had never experienced one before and was thrilled to have a chance to try one.

The puzzle that I completed was Summer Fun in the Street by artist Carole Spandau.  I do enjoy the variety of Canadian images that are available. There are several Quebec scenes in different seasons by well known Canadian artists. They also have a lot of destination landscape puzzles, Brazil, Italy, and other outdoor scenes. You will likely find something in their catalog to enjoy.

Trefl Puzzle

The puzzle was inside a plastic bag in the box. There was nothing else, no poster or information. I was a bit surprised at that, because the box was big enough to throw in a few extras. There was a bit of puzzle dust, but it wasn’t anything terrible at all and didn’t bother me.

I usually use Ravensburger as a benchmark for comparison because they are so popular. The pieces are very similar to Ravensburger. The thickness and size of the pieces were on par – perhaps a tiny bit thinner but nothing you would notice. The pieces were separated in the bag, and I didn’t have any frayed or damaged pieces. I liked the way they felt in my hand. They are solid and smooth and have that nice satisfying click when snapped in place. It’s a standard grid cut puzzle with a variety of shapes. If you like odd and unusual pieces, then this might not be a brand for you.

Trefl Puzzle Piece

As far as fit, they do fit together well. The puzzle didn’t fall apart when I moved it, but it was a bit difficult to pick up sections without great care. Again, nothing serious. I have experienced better and much worse. 😊

The image was bright and cheery with a distinct style from the artist. It was actually a nice challenge for me, and I did enjoy it. I have another Trefl ready to go!

Trefl Puzzle Image

All in all, I do recommend this brand if you like grid cut puzzles such as Ravensburger and Gibsons.

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