2021 was quite a year. I am hopeful that 2022 will bring great things!

It was a challenging year for puzzles, as we still saw many backorders and delays. Regardless, I think I did over 80 puzzles this year. I will keep better track next year so I know how many I completed.

Several of the puzzles I finished will be hung on my walls. Many were traded or sold. Some were boxed up to redo at a later date.

In no particular order, what follows is my list of Top 10 favorite puzzles from 2021. 😊 I hope you enjoy reading and will share your opinions as well!


1. Avocado Park – Gibsons Premium

This puzzle was such a challenge but so much fun! All the tiny avocado faces made me smile. I was so proud when I finished this one.

Gibsons Avocado Puzzle


2. Colorful Umbrellas – Piatnik

I just completed this one. What a stunner of an image. I have always loved the rain, so these umbrellas made me happy. The different prints on the umbrellas were difficult but this one is a definite keeper.

Colorful Umbrella Puzzle


3. Fantastic Fashionista – Ravensburger

This was so adorable! I am a big fan of Demelsa Haughton’s artwork. I loved the colors and the patterns of the clothing. Plus, that little girl is just so cute.



4. Mermaid Street, Rye – Gibsons Premium

I saw this puzzle posted online and it gave me such warm fuzzy feelings. I love the image of the family enjoying the neighborhood. It’s so pretty.

Mermaid Street Puzzle


5. Jardiniere: A Gardener’s Calendar – Cobble Hill

I thought this would be really difficult, but it was surprisingly easy when I sorted it into 12 mini puzzles. This is a real beauty. Such intricate details and unique imagery. A piece of art.

Gardeners Puzzle


6. Bubble Street – Pomegranate

This was another one that was easier than I expected. I love the whimsy and the pastel color palette. This was a special puzzle.

Bubble Street Puzzle


7. Botany – Cloudberries

I wish there was more love for this brand! They are a solid quality puzzle and the different patterns and designs in this Botany image made it a lot of fun.

Botany Puzzle

This was one of my earlier puzzles and the first one I glued to hang. This was a tough one and I almost gave up, but the image is just so lush and gorgeous that I am glad I stuck with it.



9. Harmony – Eurographics

I loved the message of unity and power in this one. Truth be told, I don’t do a lot of puzzles by this brand, but this was such a feel good puzzle that I needed to have it.

Harmony Puzzle


10. Butterfly Garden – Cobble Hill

This was on my wish list for the longest time. The color! The detail! The shape of the pieces with the Cobble Hill finish! Ahhh! So pretty!

Butterfly garden Puzzle


And there they are. This was a tough list to narrow down. There were a few others that I really loved, but since they are no longer available, I didn’t want to post them. I am happy to share images if anyone is interested.

Thanks for reading this blog in 2021! Have a Happy New Year and stay safe. 😊