A couple of weeks ago, I tried a new brand. StandOut puzzles were created in 2016, with artwork from licensed Canadian artists. They are based in British Columbia and work with artists throughout Canada.

Standout puzzle

These are different than your everyday puzzles. They come in a unique handcrafted cardboard canister and a full-size poster of the puzzle image. Inside the canister, you will find the puzzle in a plastic bag, along with a small bag of EXTRA pieces! That’s right – extra pieces. You can choose to throw them in or leave them aside. They are not necessary to complete the puzzle but are there to offer an added challenge. They look like they belong, but they do not. A fun differentiator which is appreciated.


Extra Pieces

I chose to try Sunshine on a Saturday and the artist’s name is Laura Hamilton. I loved the packaging. It felt like something special. There was hardly any puzzle dust at all. There are a variety of puzzle shapes, very different. I had never seen some of those shapes before. That makes it a more interesting experience, in my opinion.

No dust in Box

The pieces were solid and thick, and they were comfortable to hold. They clicked together nicely, and I knew when I had the right fit. However, they did connect somewhat loosely so it was difficult to move larger sections without having it fall apart.

Perfect pieces size

I liked the image. These are not your standard images but they are based on artwork that you can frame and hang in your home. As I do more puzzles, I am always excited to see companies that want to change the game a bit and offer what we don’t often see.

Finished Puzzle

Although these are a more expensive puzzle, they are a premium brand with a distinctive quality. You won’t find puzzles like these in other brands. I do recommend them, especially as a gift. They just feel special. I hope you will try one and let me know if you like it.