Hi all – I have been struggling with my Cobble Hill “Family Reunion” puzzle, so I have been a bit behind. It is a beauty though and will likely be one of my favorites this year. More on that next time. 

I was in a “dark” mood when it came to my recent puzzle acquisitions. In this blog, I want to talk about the Ravensburger Abandoned Series puzzles. There are four of these beauties. Well, technically, five. There is a fifth one that people mention but it isn’t the same style. For the purposes of my summary, we will stick with four.

I own all four. The only one I completed so far is “Hotel Vacancy”. 

image001 (3).jpg

This was the usual Ravensburger quality with the same puzzle dust, and a definite challenge. It is very dark. You need good lighting to do this puzzle. The stairs were the toughest part for me, and the lights were my favorite part. There is a young girl on the box, in the shadows. Less visible in the puzzle itself but still creepy. I really liked the challenge of this puzzle. 

The next one I will do will be “Deserted Department Store” and it is my favorite image of the series. It’s the toughest one to find so if you find it, grab it. As a shopper, I love the theme. I am intrigued by the details of the ceiling and the mannequins have a creep factor that I will enjoy.

Next, I will do “Gloomy Carnival” I have heard this is the easiest of the bunch and I can see how that might be true. It’s less creepy, a bit brighter, and has a lot of color variations.

Lastly, “Forgotten Arcade” I think this will be the most difficult. The image is very dark and there is a lot of floor. The clown and fortune teller scare me (I am a big baby) so I will be happy to leave it until the end and do it in the daytime.

Have you ever tried any? Which are your favorites?