Hello everyone! Next week is Father’s Day. This week, I wanted to write about the experience of puzzling with fathers. When I wrote about Mother’s Day, I had dozens upon dozens of comments from puzzlers about puzzling with their mothers. When I asked about Father’s Day, I had less than ten replies. This will be the topic of a future blog post, but it did make me wonder: where are all the men? Truth be told, most of the puzzlers that I know are women. Most of the people in the puzzle groups are women. Yes, there are some men, but I would say 80% of the puzzlers that I encounter are women. I am going to investigate why that is. Is it a male/female brain thing? Is it a lack of exposure to the hobby? Is it because the images do not appeal? Is it a personality trait? I am curious to learn. If you are a man, please let me know why you like to puzzle or why you don’t. I find this fascinating, and I want to understand.

That all being said, I did learn of some nice memories. Someone shared a story about an old Galison puzzle “Vintage Neckties”. The ties in the image remind her of her dad, who passed away last year. He was an avid puzzler who made frames for all his puzzles. Another person used to do a lot of gardening with her grandfather, so she has a gardening puzzle that reminds her. There are always traditions, always memories, and always images that will remind you of your family – whether it be your mother, father, grandparent, or anyone else.

I think we need to encourage more men to do puzzles. Buy a puzzle for your father or grandfather this year. Make a memory, start a tradition. 😊

Here are some suggestions for Father’s Day puzzles:

Ready For A Drive, Kevin Walsh

Fathers Day Gift Idea
Puzzle for Dad

Dads Hideaway, White Mountain 

Fathers Day Gift Idea
Fathers Day Gift - Jigsaw Puzzle

Please let me know if you give him a puzzle for Father’s Day. Ask him to join you in doing one of yours. I would love to read of more memories.

Have a great week!