1-299 Pieces Puzzles For Kids & Beginners

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  • PFG Impossible Magma Puzzle (Usagé/Used - PUZZLES FOR GOOD)

    This puzzle is from the PUZZLES FOR GOOD program.   It has been generously donated and is sold through Jigsaw Jungle | Puzzle Depot’s PUZZLES FOR GOOD initiative. The proceeds from the...
  • Shark - Shaped (100pcs)

    Dive into the thrilling world of marine predators with the Great White Shark 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Featuring a photo-realistic image of the ocean's most formidable hunter, this puzzle not only...
  • Dolphin - Shaped (100pcs)

    Experience the majesty of marine life with the Dolphin 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Featuring a photo-realistic image of a dolphin making a spectacular splash out of the water, this puzzle not...
  • Sea Turtle - Shaped (100pcs)

    Embark on a tranquil underwater journey with the Sea Turtle 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Depicting a photo-realistic image of a graceful sea turtle gliding through clear blue waters, this puzzle is...
  • T-Rex - Shaped (100pcs)

    Roar into the primeval era with the T-Rex 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Showcasing a lifelike full-body rendition of the ultimate predator, this puzzle highlights the T-Rex's imposing stature, razor-sharp teeth, and...
  • Velociraptor - Shaped (100pcs)

    Travel back in time with the Velociraptor 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Displaying a lifelike full-body portrayal of this swift and agile predator, the puzzle captures the raptor's sharp claws, slender body,...
  • Triceratops - Shaped (100pcs)

    Embark on a prehistoric journey with the Triceratops 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Featuring a lifelike full-body representation of this three-horned herbivore, the puzzle accentuates the Triceratops's distinctive frill, its trio of...
  • Pig - Shaped (100pcs)

    Featuring an endearing front image of a piglet nestled in the fresh green grass, this puzzle encapsulates the innocence and joy of young animals. Every piece illuminates the piglet's rosy...
  • Cow - Shaped (100pcs)

    Step onto the serene pastures with the Dairy Cow 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Highlighting a direct, face-on view of this gentle bovine, the puzzle captures the soulful eyes, soft muzzle, and...
  • Horse - Shaped (100pcs)

    Gallop into the world of equine beauty with the Horse 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Focused on a head-on view of a brown horse, this puzzle captures the mesmerizing eyes, flowing mane,...
  • Elephant - Shaped (100pcs)

  • Lion - Shaped (100pcs)

    Step into the regal world of the savannah with the Lion 100pc Shaped Puzzle. This puzzle captures the commanding presence of the male lion in a face-on view, emphasizing its...
  • Giraffe - Shaped (100pcs)

    Embark on a safari adventure with the Elephant 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Showcasing a head-on portrait of this majestic creature, the puzzle emphasizes the grandeur of the elephant's vast ears spread...
  • Bison - Shaped (100pcs)

    Step into the vast plains of North America with the Bison 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Showcasing a face-on, striking depiction of this grand and resilient beast, this puzzle is more than...
  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep - Shaped (100pcs)

    Embrace the rugged wilderness with the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep 100pc Shaped Puzzle. Boasting a powerful and direct face-on image of this iconic mountain dweller, this puzzle invites you...

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