We all have our favorites – favorite drink, favorite restaurant, favorite store. And of course, favorite puzzles. We love our Ravensburger puzzles. We only do Cobble Hill. We are obsessed with our Buffalo puzzles.

But we also get stuck in a rut. There are SO MANY new and older puzzle brands and we need to start to think outside of the box (pun intended). With the pandemic, there were shortages. Ravensburger wasn’t even shipping anything. We need to have options.

What follows is my opinion. You will agree or disagree, but you will definitely learn something. 😊

I have tried a lot of brands, but there are a few that I haven’t tried. Therefore, I collaborated with one of my online puzzle friends and we brainstormed to come up with my list. Thank you Samina Schiller for the teamwork on this!

If you like Ravensburger – try a Gibson, Cloudberries, Jumbo, Schmidt, or Heye

If you like Buffalo, try a Masterpieces or Eurographics.

If you like Cobble Hill, try a Re-Marks or StandOut

If you like Galison, try a Mudpuppy

If you like Pomegranate, try an Art & Fable

If you like White Mountain, try a Vermont Christmas, Hart, or Springbok

If you like eeBoo, try Jacarou

Puzzle Brand Options

These are just some suggestions. I was looking online and found other posts with other lists that were totally different than mine. You might like Ravensburger because of the images. In that case, you will be glad that the Gibson and Cloudberries pieces are similar, but you might not be happy with the image options.

Every brand is different. They are defined by their piece shapes, finishes, and images. My goal with this blog is simply to make people aware that there are so many options. If you like to puzzle, then try different puzzles.

If you try anything and find comparable options, please let me know and tell me why you like them.

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