I found a puzzle snack! That’s right, a tiny bite sized puzzle snack! We recently brought in another new brand – MicroPuzzle

MicroPuzzles are mini puzzles. Tiny fingernail sized pieces that are packed in a test tube. These colorful mini puzzles are 150 pieces and 4x6 in size. They are made in the USA and designed by a team of artists.

Micro Puzzle Pieces

I grabbed 4 of these to try and have done 2 so far. So much fun. Sadly, I misplaced a piece or was missing a piece on one, but it’s still cute. These are tiny pieces, as you will see in the photos. The pieces are super thin, and all the same shape. The fit is pretty loose, but the pieces fit together nicely once you find the right spot.


We have quite a nice variety of images to choose from, all brightly colored and fun. I like these for many reasons. They are different. I don’t have any other puzzles like this. They are easy to throw in your bag and bring them with you to complete them. They make the perfect gifts for anyone and for any occasion. When you do a lot of puzzles, these really are like a snack between meals. Sometimes you just want to do something simple. These puzzles fit that need.

Micro Puzzle

Grab one and give it a try, I am excited to know what you think!