Jigsaw puzzle accessories make working on jigsaw puzzles for adults a lot more fun.

On this page there are plenty of accessories for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts to discover and links to other pages on our site that give you more information on the specific jigsaw puzzle accessories that you are looking to buy.

Don’t forget jigsaw puzzle accessories make great gifts for anyone who loves working on jigsaw puzzles.


1. Puzzle Sorting Trays

Puzzle Sorter

Have to you tried to work on a large puzzle and found your space to be limited? Well, sorting trays are a great puzzle accessory to sort and store puzzle pieces neatly and safely until you need them for your adventure. Organizing your pieces has never been so easy!

Here are some great advantages of using a puzzle sorter:

  • Sort puzzle pieces into colors for quick and easy assembly.
  • These sorters are great for stacking and can easily hold a 1000-piece puzzle.
  • Compact size and store away easily.
  • Trays are stackable.
  • Comes with a lid, so, say goodbye to those accidental spills anyway!


2. Puzzle Boards

Puzzle Board

Time to step up your jigsaw-making game with a puzzle board. Not only does it provide a hard and stable surface for puzzles up to 1000 pieces, but it will help you transport it between the dining room table and coffee table, no matter your progress.

  • It has non-slip surface
  • A raised edge to prevent lost pieces
  • Store the whole board underneath the couch or on top of a cupboard until you’re


    3. Puzzle Roll Away Mats

    Puzzle Mat

    Puzzle mats are easier to store away then puzzle boards if you don’t have space. the puzzle roll is a non-bulky alternative to a puzzle board.

    You work on the puzzle directly on the large piece of felt, which rolls up and around a cardboard tube when you’re done. You secure the felt with three Velcro straps and can then store the roll in a cupboard or on a bookshelf.

    These mats come in different sizes and will accommodate puzzles up to 3000 pieces.


    4. Puzzle Frames

    Puzzle frame

    Puzzles are a cool and fun to display they’re a testament to hours of time and dedication. Framing the finished puzzle is an awesome way to show off your efforts of sifting through and assembling hundreds of little pieces.

    Completing a jigsaw puzzle picture can be just as fulfilling as taking, painting, or drawing one. You might enjoy doing a puzzle of your favorite iconic person or place. Preserve your puzzle artwork with easy-to-use frames.

    To frame your puzzle:

    • Measure the puzzle’s final dimensions before ordering a frame.
    • Make sure your puzzle is completely flat. Here’s a little trick, use a rolling pin to level the whole thing.
    • Glue the pieces all together. You can use liquid glue you brush on or a spray-based glue. If you don’t like the idea of glue, you can tape the backside of the puzzle, with the help of a friend.

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