I wrote about Mother’s Day last year. Here is the post from 2021: Puzzling with Mom where I mentioned puzzling traditions.

It’s a year later and I’m proud to say that I am raising a puzzler. My almost 5-year-old is learning from her mom. She has her own collection of 150–200-piece puzzles and she is FAST. This is her current favorite: Ravensburger Disney's Moana: Moana & Maui

Ravensburger Disney's Moana

It’s so nice to see her following my example. We all know puzzles are great for our minds and fun to do. But I love the connection (no pun intended) that we share. She helps me with my puzzles – always wants to do the last piece – and does her own. I’m so proud of my girl.

This Mother’s Day, I always recommend puzzles as the perfect gift. Here are some of my suggestions, but any puzzle will do.

Mother's Day - Dragonfly - Mini Puzzle

Mother's day


Mother and Child (1000 Pieces) 

Mother and Child (1000 Pieces)

Family Reunion (1000 Pieces) 

Family Reunion (1000 Pieces)


Summer Flowers & a Cup of a Tea 

summer flowers & cup of a tea


Last year I was thinking about how we puzzle with our moms. This year I am thinking about how our kids puzzle with us. I will be having a meal with my mom of course, but when I get home, I will be doing a puzzle with my daughter. It’s something we both enjoy, and I can teach her. There is nothing better.

Check out our warehouse for a Mother’s Day gift! And while you are at it, grab a Disney puzzle or an animal themed Castorland puzzle to do with your little one. Bring them with you and let them choose. 😊

Have fun making memories and Happy Mother’s Day!