It is a proven fact that jigsaw puzzles are indeed a fun way to challenge your brain, but when you are assembling a diabolical single-colored jigsaw puzzle, you must make sure that you have an abundant workspace and a lot of patience and perseverance. After you can you have all of this, you can lay down the pieces, flip them all over, and begin right way. Start by gathering all of the edges and corners and put them in a pile. Follow the same technique for straight and curved pieces. We always suggest that puzzlers start with the exterior edges first and then work your way to the inside sections. In this article, we have short listed a few tips and tricks on how to solve single-colored jigsaw puzzles.


The Quickest Way to Solve a One Color Jigsaw Puzzle 

Single Color Puzzle

When you are trying to assemble a tough jigsaw puzzle quickly and efficiently, it is essential to choose a puzzle based on the level of your skills. Start with a few hundred piece ones, and then move to 500, 1000 and then the really crazy 2000 piece puzzles. The quickest way to complete a single color jigsaw puzzle is to be organized, do everything in order and identify color and shade patterns.


Step 1: Turn every piece upwards:

Start with turning all of the pieces upwards so as to see the color on every piece. This will help you comprehend what exactly you are working with.


Step 2: Sort based on shapes:

The challenge that you may face with single-colored puzzles is recurring patterns and colors, so we suggest you sort them out based on their shape.

After this, you must find all of the color shades, and place then in piles. Doing so will allow you to assemble areas that you can work on.


Step 3: Separate extraordinary shape pieces:

If there are a few pieces that have a really extraordinary shape or look, surprising contrasting shade, put them to the side until you track down where they will precisely go.


Step 4: Focus on interconnecting pieces:

Focus on the state of the interconnecting pieces. The ‘openings’ and ‘handles’ may appear as though they will find a place with another piece, however, we suggest that you stay away from this. So, assuming you need to be extra organized, you can arrange your pieces into ‘openings’ and ‘handles’ heaps. Dealing with little segments all at once is an incredible method to assist you with the remaining, and on track.


Step 5: Isolate pieces by shades:

Put the completed areas where they may go regardless of whether or not they are associated with the border right now. In case you have your pieces isolated by shading, shape, and so forth. You might want to attempt to interface the segments to the boundary next.

At last, do not surrender and give up!

Assuming that you feel like you are beginning to be frustrated or tired, take a break and come back to it later! Puzzles are great exercise for your brain and it must be enjoyable!

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Here are some extra ways to work a puzzle like this quicker:

 1. Pick A Puzzle That Matches Your Expertise Level

Do not go full force and pick the hardest one with the most pieces right away. You will thank us when you are able to finish your puzzle without losing your mind and eventually giving up. If you are new to solving jigsaw puzzles, begin with 250-500 pieces so that you do not give up halfway through.


2. Know How You Will Manage Your Puzzle After You Are Done Assembling its Pieces

Will you just take it apart or will you frame it? You can always use a few puzzle accessories that will keep your puzzle the way you have assembled it for the long term.

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3. Have A Comfortable and Well Lit Workspace In Which You Can Assemble Your Puzzles

Make sure to set aside an adequate room for you to solve the entire puzzle and have a versatile surface, a piece of cardboard or mat, for instance, that is useful for when you really want to move your puzzle. Tupperware compartments or plastic baggies can hold the additional pieces so that they do not get lost while you are not working on your puzzle. Make sure the lighting is good.

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