If you are new to the jigsaw game, getting back to it after a long time, or just want to observe how somebody else does it, then this is the article for you. Keep in mind that in the end there is no wrong or right as long as you solve the puzzle. We, at Jigsaw Jungle, bring to you some essential jigsaw puzzle solving tips and steps that will come in handy whenever you need to solve a puzzle.


Tips To Solve Jigsaw Puzzles

To solve large (1000+ pieces) jigsaw puzzle faster you can use few tips & tricks. Here are some tips:

1. Pick a Spot to Work on Your Jigsaw Puzzle
2. Arrange and Flip Pieces Upwards
3. Sort Puzzle Pieces by Color
4. Assemble the Puzzle Border
5. Connect Small Sections
6. Keep Special or Unique Pieces together


        1. Pick A Spot to Work on Your Jigsaw Puzzle


        Pick right place to solve the jigsaw puzzle

        In order to solve your puzzle, you must first and foremost find a place where you will not be disturbed until you are done with the puzzle. The area should also have decent lighting and more importantly, should be large enough. When you buy a jigsaw puzzle online, you will find its finished dimensions on the box which is very helpful as you can ensure that surface you are using is the right size.


        2. Arrange And Flip Pieces Upwards


        Flip all the pieces upwards

        It is a good idea to arrange your puzzle on a jigsaw board. Arranging them is a pretty tedious task that may take an hour or two at the beginning of your puzzle, but it will definitely help you solve the puzzle. Many people like watching television or listening to music while organizing their puzzle pieces. You can also just dump the pieces in a box and pick out the pieces for whatever part you are working on. However, sorting the puzzle comes with benefits.

        • Sorting out is definitely time-saving. Rather than rummaging through the pieces over and over again, trying to find the pieces for the area you are working on, you simply locate the pieces you need and fit them into place
        • Arranging your puzzle pieces make the activity more fun. Since all the pieces are turned up, it is a lot easier to find the one you are looking for.

        3. Assemble The Puzzle Border


        Assemble the puzzle border

        If your puzzle has an uncommon or a difficult border you can skip this jigsaw puzzle solving tip and assemble the border as you solve the puzzle. However, if the border is simple, find all the edge pieces and construct the border giving you a defined space to solve your puzzle. We recommend that you keep all your border pieces in a smaller box as it makes your work easier.


        4. Sort by Color


        Sort Puzzle Pieces by Color

        Once the pieces are separated by color you can start building recognized sections. Pieces that don’t have a dominant color can be put into a miscellaneous pile


        5. Connecting Small Sections


        Connect small sections

        Building a jigsaw puzzle is not only about color/pattern recognition but also dimensional relationships. After you are completed several easy areas, you can arrange those within the frame of the border, putting them close to their actual place. If your puzzle has a border, we recommend that you use it as a reference. By placing finished parts in their location, you will start to link small sections together.


        6. Special or Unique Pieces


        Keep Special or Unique Pieces together

        Some pieces with have text or a unique color; keep these together because they will be easy to spot when they are needed.


        If you are a newbie, go for a simpler and smaller puzzle and make your way to the larger and more complex puzzles. Jigsaw Jungle offers jigsaw puzzles in all sizes, for beginner, intermediate or advanced level individuals. We also offer a wide variety of jigsaw puzzle accessories such as puzzle tables, boards, organizers and etc. We hope that these jigsaw puzzle tips come in handy the next time you buy a jigsaw puzzle online.

        Once you completed putting together your masterpiece glue it, so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Checkout our blog to know how to glue a puzzle and how to Frame, Mount & Hang after gluing it.