I finally tried a Heye puzzle! I was so excited and I’m even more excited to write about it.

Heye is a puzzler’s favorite with a huge following. A lot of people collect the puzzles, particularly the ones in rectangular boxes. I am not a Heye expert by any means, but from what I see, there are two types of Heye puzzles. There are the cartoon image style which come in a triangular box, and the puzzles that come in a standard rectangular box. These puzzles are not cartoon style images, but more whimsical in style. I also noticed that a lot of their puzzles seem to be vertical in shape. The cartoon puzzles are what they are known for, so it’s nice to see them branching out to other designs.

For a better idea, feel free to check out the selection we have and you will see the two styles. 

If you are a Heye expert, please let me know if you have any feedback. 😊

For this blog post, I’m going to wrote about the standard rectangular box. I was very drawn to this image and loved the colors - Better Tomorrow. The artist, Jeremiah Ketner, has a number of images in this style so there are a few if you like them. I will be doing another one in the other style as well and will write about that next month.

Heye Puzzle

The box was solid and sturdy. It had the image on the front and was not obscured by any logo. The back was also impressive, as it displayed the other puzzles by this artist in this “Dreaming” collection. Well done. The pieces came in a plastic bag with the puzzle title on it – first time I have ever seen that – and very little puzzle dust.

Heye Puzzle Pieces

This brand is often compared to Ravensburger and I can’t say I disagree. The pieces are on par in thickness and are standard cut, but with a variety of piece shapes. The pieces ft nicely. The fit is not the tightest out there. They will fall apart if you try to move sections, but it’s not terrible.

Puzzle Pieces fit

The image I did was a challenging one. There was so much pink that it took me a while and I kept sorting over and over. That being said, I LOVED the image. I LOVED the colors. The puzzle is going on the wall in my daughter’s room because it’s just so pretty. I love the brand. I do feel that Heye is more well known for their cartoon puzzles, so I am definitely going to try one and compare it to the one I did.

Heye Completed Puzzle

If you like Ravensburger, you will like Heye.

I think this is one of the most solid brands out there, and I recommend it highly.

Let me know what you think. I will update as soon as I try the rectangular box next month. 😊

Have a great week!