In November, I wrote about my first Heye puzzle. It was in a rectangular box. I had promised to do one in the triangular box to compare, as they are very different image styles and artists. I finally got my hands on one of my wish list puzzles - Magic Sea by artist Rita Berman

Magic Sea by artist Rita Berman

The quality of the pieces was just as good as the former. Solid, sturdy and they fit well. There was one thing that was different – it was the poster. This poster was huge! There was no way to keep it on the table as it covered the whole puzzle, so it sat on the chair next to me. 😊 I think it was too big to be functional, but it is a standard with the triangular boxes. Bigger than any poster I ever saw in any puzzle.

Heye puzzle under process

I loved everything about this puzzle. The colors were bright and cheerful. There was no puzzle dust. There were no ill-fitting pieces. I have never completed a puzzle that was so busy, and I was a bit overwhelmed at first. I do think there was something magical about this fairy-tale marine world, though. It was one of those puzzles that really put itself together. I don’t remember where I started. I don’t remember the process. I remember pulling pieces from the box and just having them fit where my hand was. Very strange and it does sound odd, but it really came together so nicely. Rita Berman has a few other puzzles with Heye, but they are over 1000 pieces. One day, I will find space and do them all.

Heye Puzzle Colors

I would recommend this puzzle highly! I think I prefer the triangular box images to the rectangle, but that’s just personal preference. This will be in my top 10 for 2022. I am certain of it. You cannot go wrong with any Heye puzzle.

Please grab one and share the love!

Stay tuned for my Anatolian review coming soon. I always love a new brand!