I love trying new puzzle brands! It is a great way to learn! I recently had the opportunity to try a puzzle by Heritage, a smaller company based in the USA. They have 550 and 1000-piece options and many of their puzzles are beach themed. Beach scenes are always nice - we can all use a vacation!

The one I tried was called Blue Crab Bounty by artist Barb Tourtillotte.  It was an image of blue crabs and shrimp with a map background.

Heritage Puzzle Image

The box was a bit larger than average, with nothing on the back except a stamped code of some sort. There was no poster included, which made it more challenging as the image on the front was partially covered by the logo. There was a bit of puzzle dust, but I have seen worse.

The pieces were larger than average and had lots of unique shapes. Some people really enjoy the bigger pieces and find them easier to handle, and the unusual shapes make it a very different puzzle experience. They fit together nicely, and I knew right away when I had a piece in the correct place. They were a nice thickness, and I did not have any torn or damaged pieces in the box.

Heritage Puzzle Pieces
Large Pieces

The image quality was a bit of a challenge for me. The box image did not quite match the puzzle image and I use the box a lot when I am making a puzzle. If you do not use the box, this will not matter to you at all.

Unfinished Puzzle

Heritage is a smaller company, so I did not see too many reviews online when I did my research. The feedback I did see was quite positive, so perhaps the image I tried just wasn’t their best offering or just not to my taste. I will always be honest in my feedback so I’m going to say that this wasn’t my favorite puzzle, but that might not be indicative of your preferences, or even other puzzles by this brand.

Finished Puzzle

We all like different things! In my view, the beach themes, great fit, and fun piece shapes are all positive things about this puzzle.

I really want to know what you think!

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Let me know if you give one a try!