I just realized that my first blog was March 10th, 2021. So yes, I am a bit late, but I wanted to say something to commemorate the occasion and explain how this blog came to be.

I started off a casual puzzler. I wandered into the store as a regular customer, and I was overwhelmed by the shelves upon shelves of puzzles. I had no idea what I wanted but I am one to ask questions when something is of interest to me. And the obsession just grew. I joined every puzzle group I could find. I asked questions at the store. I asked questions online. I was calling the store almost every day with wish lists and questions. Slowly, I started to know just as much as the people who worked there.

I knew the owner of Jigsaw Jungle / Puzzle Depot from my school days and communicated my growing interest in my hobby. His idea of a blog was brought up and I thought it was so cool. I am an avid reader and writer so this was an idea that combined so many of my interests.

Sure enough, I received an email from their marketing person asking if I would be interested in writing a blog. Wow! I was so excited. I started writing and A Piece by Mandy was born.

What a year! I have learned so much! I know about brands I have never heard of. I have tried everything from value brands to premium brands. Wooden puzzles to tiny puzzles. I have become an expert.  It’s always nice to be good at something and recognized for a talent.

Doing puzzles began as a hobby but are now part of my identity. I have people asking me questions, wanting advice, sharing feedback. I thought I would run out of ideas and have learned that there is always something new and I will never run out of ideas.

Thank you to all of you who read my blog and enjoy the puzzles. I look forward to another year!