Finding the best gift for puzzle lovers can definitely be difficult! This curated gift giving puzzle guide for the upcoming holiday season has been perfectly laid out for all kinds of puzzle lovers- crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles and the good old brain teasers. We, at Jigsaw Jungle, are sure that you will find something in our puzzle gift guide that will be perfect for the puzzle lovers close to you.


The Best Gift Ideas For Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers


1. Dimension- 3D Puzzle

Harry Potter 3D Puzzle

A 3D jigsaw puzzle is definitely a perfect present for puzzle lovers. Dimension is a fun 3D puzzle that is perfect for a long weekend or for a family get together. Everyone can play! At Jigsaw Jungle, you will find the perfect 3D puzzle depicting Harry Potter’s Hogwarts- Great Hall.


2. Colorful Puzzle 

Colourful Puzzle

This puzzle is the perfect gift for anyone who loves colors & a challenge. Any puzzler can enjoy this colorful and unique 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle is full of color as well as the magic of the environment.


3. Magic of Christmas

Magic of Christmas Puzzle

The holidays are always a busy time for shopping, so it can be a little difficult to find the perfect presents for your loved ones. Shop early, and get your hands on this Magic of Christmas jigsaw puzzle collection that seizes the festive excitement of advent in four beautiful 500 piece jigsaw puzzle scenes. After all, what better gift than having your whole family gathered around the fireplace during the Christmas season doing a jigsaw puzzle! These are absolutely the perfect jigsaw puzzles for adults.


4. Vintage Love Letter 

Vintage Love Letter jigsaw puzzle

Vintage Love Letter is a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle for adults. The jigsaw puzzle table will be totally covered with vintage love letters, rose petals and maybe some other vintage items.


5. Political Map Of The World 


Political Map Puzzle

This Political Map of the World jigsaw puzzle is basically a modern map of the world depicted in old-school or vintage style. It is a great jigsaw puzzle for kids above 12 years old as well as adults. 


6. Awakening 


Awakening Jigsaw Puzzle

Every box of ‘Awakening’ consists of a framable, collectable print to enjoy along with puzzling and even after you are done. You will also find a reasonable bag for preserving your puzzle as well as its lost pieces. There is also a convenient box-top stand built to steady a tippy box top.


7. World Of Books 


Work of Books puzzle

This 2000-piece puzzle is typically a book which you can use to travel through the entire world and beyond. Sounds pretty fascinating, right? You can enter the world with a good book within this fantastic, and interesting puzzle. Buy Now.


8. Donut Tops 

Donut Tops

You will have a lot of fun putting together this donut tops puzzle together showcasing 48 delicious donuts. You can also find the recipe on the back of the box.


9. Puzzle Roll-Up Storage Mat


Roll up Storage Mat

A puzzle roll-up storage mat is a great way to work and store your puzzle. This super cool storage mat can fit nearly 1500 pieces and it comes with slip-proof corner pads.


10. Puzzle Storage Case 

Puzzle Storage Case

You can gift your loved ones this amazing puzzle storage case. They can safely store all of their puzzle pieces without worrying about losing any piece. It can store up to 1000 pieces.


11. Arrange Your Jigsaw Puzzle 

Sort Your Puzzle

Sort your puzzle pieces by categorizing them into shapes or colors. This way, you will have an easy time finding what you are looking for. You can do this in the 6 handy trays and connect them together for better organization of the arranged pieces. It is an amazing stacking system that stores all your puzzle pieces compactly so that you can use your puzzle table for actually assembling the puzzle.


12. Puzzle Glue 

Puzzle glue

Gift this thoughtful puzzle accessory to your puzzle-loving friends. Not only is it easy to use but also preserves your puzzle artwork. The puzzle glue is enough for two 1000 pieces puzzles.


To Wrap It Up!

Apart from these amazing products, you can always gift your loved ones other additional accessories like a puzzle board or puzzle stand. They make for an excellent present for those who already have numerous different types of jigsaw puzzles at home. If you are looking for great jigsaw puzzles in Canada, then Jigsaw Jungle is the shop! We offer all types of jigsaw puzzles as well as puzzle accessories. We are here to answer your questions, help you find the right puzzle and we ship very quickly. We will make you and your puzzle friends happy this Christmas by selecting the perfect present on our online store or directly in our puzzle warehouse in Montreal.