There is no question that some puzzle artists are more popular than others. There are puzzlers that seek out a specific artist and collect their puzzles. Aimee Stewart is well loved. Steve Crisp has a large following. Dominic Davison and Steve Read have a large variety of puzzles to choose from different brands. There are so many puzzle artists and finding one you like is so much fun.

A few months ago, I did a Ravensburger puzzle called Novel Avenue by an artist named Demelsa Haughton. I LOVED the whimsical feel of the image, and I really enjoyed the unique artistic style of the artist. It was my favorite puzzle by far. Sadly, it was missing a piece. I contacted Ravensburger for a replacement, but they did not have any left. They told me to choose another puzzle instead. There were about 70 puzzles in stock to choose from, and I chose Fantastic Fashionista. I loved that one even more.

Fantastic Fashionista By Ravensburger

Ravensburger Puzzle


I liked the style of the art and thought the little girl in the image was similar to my beloved Novel Avenue. I had no idea that the artist was also Demelsa Haughton. What are the odds?

I reached out to Demelsa on Facebook to tell her how much I loved her work, and we started to chat. This nice woman has been painting for many years. She does most of her work on a tablet, so it’s all drawn digitally. She has four puzzles with Ravensburger so far, and I have done three of them.

I recently completed The Secret Garden of Demelsa Haughton and it has become another favorite. All three puzzles are glued and ready to be hung on the wall. 

The Secret Garden Puzzle by Damelsa Haughton

Demelsa told me she genuinely loves puzzles, she always has, and it is a dream job to illustrate them. She had illustrated a book for an Australian publisher, and it landed in the hands of a product manager at Ravensburger. They reached out to her, and her dream came true. The door is open for more puzzles and I will be first in line to order them. I will be grabbing her 2000 piece, If Fish Could Walk, as soon as I can!

She also produces prints and greeting cards, and illustrates children’s books. These can be seen on her site,

I just found it interesting how I was drawn to the image without realizing the artist was the same. When an artist has a distinct style, we connect. I love whimsy and magic. This artist speaks to me and I will be looking out for more of her work.

Which artist speaks to you? I want to know. 😊