Another week, another puzzle. In my case, several puzzles. 😊

I always have fun trying new brands and sharing my thoughts. This week’s blog is about Falcon puzzles and the puzzle I did was Seaside Promenade. This particular image was a challenge. Lots of sand and sky! But well worth the effort. It was beautiful when completed! They do have a smaller variety of image offerings, but the ones they have are really nice.

Falcon Puzzle

This is an old English brand of great quality. Their images are similar to Gibsons – and their quality similar to Ravensburger. If you like those brands, you will love these.

The boxes are solid, if not a bit bigger than other brands, and the puzzle comes in a plastic bag. There was no poster but the image on the box is large enough to make up for that. The pieces were separated well, and there was no puzzle dust at all.

Falcon Puzzle box

The pieces themselves are just as thick as Ravensburger. They have a nice solid feel in your hand. The finish reminded me of the Cobble Hill linen finish which I really enjoy. They are a standard grid cut with a few shapes. I don’t mind standard grid cut, but I do prefer more variety. If you like unusual shapes in a puzzle, you might not enjoy this brand as much as some others.

Falcon Puzzle Pieces

The pieces have a smooth fit. I liked that they fit together well, but I will say that they are a bit of a looser fit then some other brands. They stay in place nicely but can fall apart if you need to move the sections around.

Falcon Puzzle

In my opinion, Falcon is one of the best quality brands out there. The pieces are solid. There was no puzzle dust. My puzzle was beautiful. I recommend Falcon to anyone who loves a standard cut puzzle and any fans of Ravensburger or Gibsons.

Falcon Completed Puzzle