This week, we will talk about a beautiful puzzle and an amazing company.

If you have not tried an eeBoo puzzle, you are missing out. eeBoo is a small company based out of New York. They are woman owned, mother run, and sustainably sourced. They have a great variety of art supplies, games, and puzzles.

I just did my second eeBoo puzzle – Seagull Garden, and it was a beauty.

eeboo jigsaw puzzle

With art by Jennifer Orkin Lewis, this is 1000 pieces of colorful flowers and sea creatures.

The box was full of information. It was a solid box with the image on both the front and back with a full poster in the box. Posters are always appreciated and this one had the puzzle image on the front as well as many of their other images printed on the other side.  I am also happy to say that there was ZERO puzzle dust! This was fantastic!

Product Poster
Product Image Poster

The pieces are very glossy and bright, with a few different shapes. They fit together well, the fit was tight, and I was able to pick up groups of pieces without their falling apart.

eeboo Puzzle Pieces
Puzzle Pieces

As a matter of fact, when I was finished the puzzle, I rolled it up like a small carpet and it stayed intact. The pieces have a nice weight and are smooth and solid to the touch. I picked up a Ravensburger piece to compare with the eeBoo and they had the same thickness, and the eeBoo was a bit larger.

Piece Thickness
Pieces Comparison

I had a few pieces in my box which were a bit frayed. It did not affect the puzzle completion or appearance at all, but I decided to send the feedback to eeBoo. They replied the next day, with a sincere apology and an offer to send a replacement right away. This is exceptional customer service, and I am pleased to see that they take feedback seriously and care about their quality and their customers. And no, they did not know I was writing a review. 😊

Finished Puzzle

I really have nothing negative to say about the puzzle or the company. The prices are a bit higher than some other 1000 piece puzzles, but this is a premium product and well worth it.

eeBoo has a variety of cheerful and vivid puzzle images to choose from in different sizes and piece counts, as well as different shapes.

Give one a try and let me know what you think!