Hello and welcome to another week!

If you were following my Instagram posts, you might have seen my posts about this beautiful Ravensburger “Art Nouveau Princesses.” Although I love all things Disney, this was my first Disney puzzle. My little girl was ecstatic to help me, and we had a lot of fun sorting the colors and placing the pieces.

Princesses Puzzle

Disney is a very popular puzzle theme for both adults and children. There are so many beautiful puzzles out there. If you are a collector, you will be thrilled with the variety.

I strongly recommend “Art Nouveau Princesses” as a must have as soon as you see it available. The fit and quality of the pieces were perfect. We just loved it. Although we don’t have “Art Nouveau Princesses” in stock YET, we do have a wonderful variety of Disney images for a magical puzzle experience!

Disney Puzzle



I would say there are two big brand players in the Disney puzzle world.

Ravensburger has a number of Disney puzzles available, and we have several in stock! For a challenge try this Mickey puzzle

Mickey puzzle

We also have several of the popular Villainous series as well as some of my favorites from the film classics, such as The Lion King.

Lion king puzzle


The next brand that is very strong with Disney is Ceaco.

Ceaco is a new brand for us, and I have yet to try one.  Thomas Kinkade was an American painter who painted a lot of Disney art which were licensed for puzzles. I would say that I have seen more Disney puzzles from Ceaco by Thomas Kinkade than anyone else. His art is full of light and magical. Ceaco puzzles come in smaller piece counts too, under 750, and are very reasonable in price.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Cinderella Starlight

Cinderella Puzzle

2. Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Fire

Mickey & Minnie Puzzles

I love the magic and nostalgic feel of a magical puzzle. What are your favorite Disney puzzles?

Let me know! 😊