I have a recommendation to share with all of you this week!

After completing two puzzles by Cloudberries, they are a new favorite of mine. I love finding new brands that I enjoy so much and am so happy to tell people.

The first one I completed was their Botany puzzle – it was bright and cheerful, and I loved every minute of it. Then I did a second one – Poolside – and I knew I had to rave about this company. I will definitely be doing more of their puzzles and have a few more on my wish list already!

Botany Puzzle by Clouberries

Cloudberries is a puzzle company based out of the UK. They have unique and fun images, but they also believe in sustainability. They will plant a tree for every puzzle sold and they work with a non-profit to help reforest challenged areas. These tree planting programs help to shelter wildlife and empower communities. These are all positive ideas and I like supporting companies who do great things.

All their puzzles are made from recycled materials and vegetable inks. Check out their site for more initiatives:

The puzzles come bagged in a nice sturdy box with a cute welcome card that says hello. There is very little puzzle dust. Yay! I was thrilled by this! The pieces are sturdy and thick with a nice matte finish. They remind me a bit of the Cobble Hill finish, and I am told they are also like the Trefl brand. I will point out that there only a few different piece shapes in this brand. If you like a variety of cuts (like Cobble Hill) then this will be a change for you and something to consider.

Hello Message from Cloudberrie
Cloudberrie Puzzle Pieces

I loved the brightness of the images and the pieces fit together so nicely. The puzzles were just challenging enough for me. Not too difficult, not too simple. The pieces hold together well. I was able to roll it up when it was finished to put it away.

Roll out the puzzle

This is a brand that deserves more attention! I recommend them highly and Jigsaw Jungle is offering a discount.

Here is a SWEET 15% off discount code for all Cloudberries Puzzles!

CODE: HelloCB15

Give them a try and let me know what you think!